USAP Forum 2015 Vision: Rekindling the Fire!

The 2015 forum aims to provide a vital platform and opportunity to nourish the foundations of the USAP family through an interactive and collaborative conference. This year’s theme, “Rekindling the Fire,” seeks to stir into flame the spirit of individual mindfulness in thinking about ways to give back to the different   communities we come from, that we ultimately hope to better and empower.

This conference will serve as wake-up call for college students and working alumna to become agents of change in both local and global communities. Our strategy is based on testimonies from leaders that are renowned for continuously giving back and being successful in their careers. We will also promote discussion with fellow students and USAP leaders about the importance of giving back to our community. In order to keep the flame burning, the USAP forum will also train individuals with leadership skills and professional development touch ups and tips to help in identifying and applying pathways that encourage successful sustainable action at various levels. At the end of this three-day forum, we envision that each attendee should be able to confidently design and implement a plan that will greatly contribute to our society.